Friday, September 16, 2005

Apparently I hate Jesus...

I don't usually take the time to respond to things I don't completely agree with, but I'm making an exception at the moment =] I was reading your comments about Jack Van Impe. While some of your comments are mildly amusing... most are sad, sad attempts to discredit a man who has helped* millions. Anyways, the reason I decided to post a comment is because you got me to wondering about the general public's reaction to Mr. Van Impe. I googled** him and noticed something else I found humorous. The only people who have negative comments about Mr. Van Impe appear to be witches, paranormal reasearchers and well... you. Isn't it odd that the only people who hate Jesus are those who feel threatened by him? But don't worry, it's not too late to change and once you do, there is no reason to feel threatened. =]

God Bless You!

* I guess it's still helping, even if you're helping morons.
** Yeah, I Googled "sex" and it turns out that the general public are a bunch of sick perverts.

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