Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Atari Game

Your kids will love the challenge of pro football combined with the thrill of dog fighting in this new title by Atari. Cutting edge graphics and superb play control will allow you to choose your dog, and even design your own! Sure, pitbulls are strong and sturdy, but poodles are quick and full of surprises. Challenge your friends in the 2 player option. The better your football team does, the more money you make which will allow you to buy better dogs. Don't spend too much time on the dog fighting though, or you'll lose focus and your play on the field will suffer. Make sure you avoid the feds as well or else you'll lose your dog and you'll be off the team!

Atari's multi-faceted "Dog Fighter 2007" will keep you and the whole family entertained for hours at a time.

How much do you have to love dog fighting in order to throw away a $130 million dollar contract? What a retard.

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