Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why I hate garbage men people.

They have a job that consists of riding around on (or driving) a truck, picking up garbage, and, well, I guess that's it. Why can't they put my empty garbage can back upright with the lid on, or at least with the lid somewhere near the can, which, preferrably would be somewhere near my house?

I took a hidden video of it. (Garbage men, or refuse engineers, in Canada are all stick people.)

A few weeks ago the lid was gone entirely, and then last week the can ended up on the other side of the street. THEN, yesterday, they didn't even take the garbage at all! Maybe it was because it was raining and the can filled up with water because there was no FUCKING LID because THEY LOST IT. (I guess someone else could have taken it, but I prefer to blame the garbage people).

I had to go buy a new damn garbage can so some poor uneducated schmuck will do his (or her) damn job. It's not enough that my tax dollars pay their salary, but now I have to spend another $10?

My life is so tough.

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