Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Avril Lavigne stole from me too!!

What's all this fuss over Avril Lavigne stealing songs? Have you even heard the comparison? Plus, the song by the group who is claiming she stole from them sounds suspiciously like a Rolling Stones song. Now, this group certainly has a lot of balls to sue someone for stealing a song that they themselves stole. It's like me stealing someone's car and then getting mad when someone steals it from me. They're obviously just looking for money because who has even heard of the "Rubinoos?" Regardless, the Avril Lavigne version doesn't sound anything like the others.

This one is a little harder to defend, especially since it was reported that she claimed to listen to the group. What was all this about again? Oh yeah, I wrote a song about 10 years ago that has lyrics that are eerily similar to Sk8r Boi, only I spelled it with a "7". I never recorded it because I couldn't figure out how to pronounce "Sk7r".

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