Friday, August 03, 2007

Reality Show Update!!

Just for Corinna, because she asked, here's my reality show update.

Big Brother 8

Daniele is an idiot. She may have done irreversible damage to her long term relationship for some dork she'd known for a couple days. She also thinks "Nothing's fair!". News flash, nothing is fair. Get used to it.

Amber cries WAY too much. She cries when people get nominated, she cries when they get evicted, she cries when she votes for people, she cries when they win HOH. How much water does she have to drink to maintain any sort of hydration?

I like the way Dick plays, but he's a little too 'in your face' and I think people will get tired of it.

So, who will win? Maybe Amber will win, or Daniele. I don't think Amber has enough tears to actually win though... Maybe God has already decided, like what whacko chick thinks.

I also kind of like Jen. She takes so much abuse and doesn't seem to let it get to her. Everyone hates her though, so I doubt she'll make it much further.

So You Think You Can Dance. I think Lacey will win. Partly because she's good, and partly because she's Benji's sister.

Canadian Idol. Greg will definitely win. He's so much better than everyone else. I like how they can use instruments this year. Instead of just being a schmuck from a small town who can sing, some of them are schmucks who actually play instruments.

Hmmmm, I think that's all that I'm watching right now. Corinna mentioned "Age of Love", which, when it first came out, I kind of wanted to watch, but I hate those dating shows (unless it's Flava of Love, because I love watching that train-wreck of a show). Granted, people know what they're getting into, but I still have a problem with a show that encourages multiple people to fall in love with one person and then crush one of them for our entertainment. Plus, in all honesty, I don't think there's any way that a 30 year old professional tennis player will pick one of the older women. I just can't see it happening. Now, I haven't been watching it at all, but I imagine (because the finale is on Monday) that there is one older woman left, and one younger woman left, and there's all this "drama" over will he go with age and experience or youth and beauty (or some other crap like that). Hmmmm, old woman who has had plastic surgery? Or young hot girl who will probably have plastic surgery, just not for 15-20 more years. I guarantee you that he will pick the young girl. I also guarantee you that the producers of the show told him to string along one of the older women until the end, eventhough there's not a chance in hell that he'll pick one. It's all about evolution and the human animal. He will not pick the old woman. It wouldn't make sense.

Shit, I forgot about "America's Got Talent". Cas Haley will win that. I love that guy. Plus, the competition is pretty weak. Butterscotch is good, but not as good as Cas.

Have a good long weekend.

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