Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Bachelor

I've been exposed to this show for 2 weeks in a row now (which is partly my fault) but it's a horrible horrible show. The whole point is to get 2 or more women to fall in love with one guy and then have him crush all but one on national tv for our entertainment. Anyone who says the point of the bachelor is a romantic one or a positive one is pretty naive. The other annoying thing about this show is that all these women think they're in love with the guy. You could put any dude up there and that same woman who was just broken hearted over Brad's rejection would be broken hearted over that other guy who she was supposed to fall in love with. How can you possibly fall in love over a few weeks while camera crews follow you around and while the person you're 'falling in love' with is seeing multiple other people?? I mean, he gave all 3 keys to the 'fantasy suite'! My first question, if I were one of the girls would be, "before I accept this key, who else did you give it to and why?" Either he's playing all 3 for some sexy time in the fantasy suite, or he's deliberately leading 2 of them on, which, doesn't say much about his character. This show veils itself under the guise of 'helping 2 people find each other' when it's really about us taking pleasure in other people's emotional traumas. Maybe they should have multiple bachelors instead of just one.

I've been watching "A Shot at Love" with Tila Tequila, and that show rules! I find it entertaining for the same reasons I watch "Flava of Love". I suppose I don't value the feelings and emotional health of white trash as much as 'normal' people.

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