Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back baby!!

Hello?? Is anyone there?? I'm sorry I've neglected this blog, but recently I've had a flood of creativity where everywhere I look I see something and think, "I should blog about that." Well, because I don't want to waste any "A" material on a first post that nobody will read, I will write a short summary of what I've been doing for the past 6 months.

March - Stopped blogging.
April - Bought a Wii (which may not have been in April, but it did happen at some point)
May - can't remember
June - can't remember
July - Got married in Jamaica.

August - Ummm, revelled in newly wed bliss??
September - Hit 32 tiger attack free years! I celebrated this impressive feat by trying to get attacked by a lion, but alas, it did not occur.

I had to go all the way to Africa to do it too!
October - Decided to start blogging again.

There you have it. Consider yourselves caught up. Now, don't consider the fact that I walked with lions as an endorsement of the activity, as I've since heard that maybe it's not the best kind of thing to support, BUT, I'll claim ignorance, as I believed what they told me (which may be true, I don't know...) I may have some other Africa related posts coming up, depends on my ability to keep writing posts... I think I'll write some right now in the hopes that I get my 4 readers back.

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