Friday, June 12, 2009


Ok, I don't expect many people to know what crokinole is, but it's a great game. Why checkers is popular when crokinole isn't is beyond me. I personally don't get it - checkers is so boring. So, having said that, I think it's time we take crokinole to another level.

I've been thinking, and these are the ingredients that I think are required for anything to be popular these days -

1. Sex appeal
2. Violence
3. Fun
4. Not boring (thanks to our over-stimulating environment, we can't pay attention to anything for longer than about 2 minutes. I'd be surprised if anyone is even still reading this...I'm even a little bored myself.)

Anyway, 3 and 4 take care of themselves, as it's a fun, fast paced game. Games are quick, the concept is simple, and it's fun.

Numbers 1 and 2 are a little harder, so, that's where I propose to initiate the United Federation of Crokinole, or UFC. Here's how I envision it

**That little "of" is important, as it prevents us from getting sued (or at least I hope it does.)

Now, this in and of itself doesn't make it violent, BUT, it might draw attention to the Federation from people who are looking for violent things (actually, maybe that's not the crowd we're interested in....whatever, we'll worry about that later.) If someone comes out just to either a) get punched in the face, or b) see someone get punched in the face, I'm sure I can set something up.

This last important detail is the sex appeal part, so I figure this can go on our posters. Maybe, when we really hit the big time, we can really have hot models at events. Or maybe just models, or, maybe just any woman at all.

So, there you have it, that's my plan to take crokinole from obscurity into the big time. If cup stacking can make it, surely crokinole can. Sport??. McDonald's Commercial??? I really don't get it. Crokinole, people, I'm telling you.

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