Sunday, March 12, 2006

Costa Rica

Well, I'm back.

A few things about Costa Rica.

1. Some of the roads are so bad, it takes over an hour to go 20 km. There was a report of a taxi falling into a 2 meter deep pot-hole. This brings us to another interesting fact about Costa Rica. They refer to 'massive craters' as 'pot-holes'.

2. You can see animals in the wild, which is pretty cool.


I really wanted to see a jaguar, but, of course, they don't really want to be seen. They like to keep their private lives private. Just like celebrities. Just like celebrities! Once I made that important comparison, finding one was easy.

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Just because you put a hat and sunglasses on, doesn't mean we can't tell who you are. Animals are so dumb, no wonder we catch and teach them to do silly tricks for our own amusement.

(I find it odd that that jaguar is a) driving a car, and b) has Britney Spear's baby, but, I imagine, if given the opportunity, Britney Spears would have sex with a jaguar. I imagine she's probably had sex IN a Jaguar, and FOR a Jaguar, I imagine WITH is a logical progression.)

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