Friday, September 23, 2011

Trashy Magazines

Over the years, my wife has had subscriptions to a number of trashy magazines. Cosmo, Glamour, US Weekly... Cosmo makes me's mostly ads, but the articles are so terrible. My favourite is stuff like "25 ways to please your man in bed". News flash Cosmo, there really aren't 25 ways to please a guy in bed. There are like 2, and everyone knows what they don't have to spend $4 on a crappy magazine to know that blow jobs and sex are the only 2 things you need to know - the other 23 are invariably some form of the other 2. If they're not, then don't bother... Glamour is the same... they also have all these articles about body image, and empowerment, but all the pictures are airbrushed stick thin models that portray the impossible 'beauty' that the articles say you don't need. Make up your damn mind Cosmo. Regardless, the point of this was originally going to be about the "Who wore it best" pictures. I always get them wrong. Always. It could be like 90% on one and 10% on the other and I'd be like, damn, she looks good...what? only 10%? What the hell?

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