Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok, so what have I been doing for the past 2 years??? Well, I had a kid! Crazy eh? Crazier still is that #2 is on the way... why am I writing this all of a sudden? Bored, I guess. I was just glancing at this blog and I kind of miss it. Do people even blog anymore? Or does everyone just focus on Facebook and Twitter? (I was going to include Google +, but nobody really gives a crap about Google +). I might use Twitter more if I had more than 1 follower. Seems like a waste of time to have all my witty comments only read by one person.

My wife PVRs Oprah's final season, so I watched an episode about some kid with MS (I think) and he was all profound and mature beyond his years...he kind of made me feel like I should be doing something more with my life. He did more in 11 years than I've done in 35. Then, they tell me he died...and since I have a son, every time anyone says something about a kid dying... man, it really bothers me. Fatherhood has really turned me into a softy. I seriously can't watch any story about suffering son's face just pops in there, and I think, "What if that were him?" And then I have to change the station. I really can't stand the thought of him suffering at all. Then, on LA Ink (which has really gone down the shitter recently...OMG, Kat almost lost her kitty! Oh, no she didn't...nevermind...that's gripping tv) some dude gets a tattoo of his son because he was killed when he was 12 after getting hit by a car, and, or course, my son could get hit by a car some day!! How will I ever be able to prevent that from happening??? I probably can't! How can I possibly accept that??? I suppose I just teach him how to look after himself and trust that he'll make decisions that will prevent him from getting himself killed. Man...parenting is hard. Who would have thought that?? I thought it was all fun and games. Turns out it's emotionally draining sometimes, and stressful!

Anyway, that's enough writing for something nobody is going to read.

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