Monday, March 29, 2004

Say it Ain't So Howie, Say it Ain't So!!

Yes, it's true. The radio was right. Howie Day was arrested. Who is Howie Day, and why should anyone care you ask? Well, Howie Day is the genius that brought us such hits as "She Says", "Morning After" and a bunch more that I won't name, and you should care because I do. Actually, I don't really, but it's usually the washed up stars that have problems with the law, not the up and comers. Regardless, I kind of get a kick out of people who have it made and yet do stupid things to screw it up.

"That was probably wrong of me," Day told police of breaking the phone. "But I felt violated."

Well said Howie, well said. Maybe you didn't hear the part about having the right to remain silent.

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