Monday, December 12, 2005

Beware the Giant Cat.

After finding this site through Fatrobot and then reading this article, I realized that there may be a rather large cat lurking around my place as well.

I set up my motion activated camera and I waited. I waited and waited until this picture was taken:

Image hosted by

It's HUGE. If you assume that the paper shredder is about 16 inches high, some people might come to the conclusion that the cat is about 4 feet tall!

Next comes the mysterious hair that I found. I had the lab run an analysis and the results came back indicating that it was from a cat of some sort. A mysterious monster cat had not yet been ruled out.

Now to figure out where this giant mystery cat came from. After I remembered that I had a cat, it all became clear.

My small, normal sized cat was attracting a larger, massive mysterious cat(s) to my house.

Further investigation is warranted. I'll keep you posted.

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