Thursday, December 29, 2005

Update on New Years Resolutions.

I made New Years Resolutions last year.

While most of them were stupid, I did actually want to do numbers 2, 3 and 8. How did I do you ask? Well, I failed miserably in all of them.

I didn't take piano lessons, nor did I even look into it. I think the biggest barrier to that was that I think it will be hard. Damn, now that I'm thinking about it again the interest has been renewed. Dammit. I guess that'll be a resolution for next year too.

I don't have a six-pack. While I'm not unhappy with my abs, the definition just isn't there (yet). I think the biggest barrier to that was that it's hard. In order to have abs that pop out you need no fat, and well, I'm nowhere near disciplined enough to eat properly. Maybe I need a nutritionist....

I didn't do a triathlon. I can run for hours but I can't swim for 3 minutes. I guess I still want to do it, but I'll need some some coaching.

To sum up, New Years Resolutions suck, and nobody should make them because now I feel like a loser for failing so I'm going to go binge on leftover Christmas cookies and greasy food. Who am I kidding, I was going to go do that anyways.

Happy New Year.

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