Sunday, October 30, 2005


Whilst searching the internet for Halloween costumes, I came upon these few that I found rather smashing.

First off, almost all the women's costumes looked something like this. Since when did Halloween go from being a heathen Godless 'holiday' to an excuse to dress like a whore? This one is a football player.
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If I saw this costume at a party I'd say, "Wow, cool whore costume. The pads are a nice touch. Here, have another drink."

Out of all the costumes and all the models, I only noticed one black person. If you guessed that the black person would be used for the "Long Schlong" costume, well you might be scorned for such a stereotype. You might even be called 'racist'. You'd be right though!

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I guess that's kind of long.

Now, the best children's costume ever.

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Not only would your kid have the coolest costume at the party, but the 'hole in the condom' costume would explain why they exist in the first place!

Happy Halloween.

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