Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last post about garbage men, I promise.

Well, those sons of bitches lost the lid to my new garbage can again. Now I have 2 lidless garbage cans which are useless. Well, maybe not totally useless, but I can't use them for garbage because the damn raccoons will just tip it over and make a big mess. I doubt the garbage men would take a half torn up bag of junk. God forbid the garbage man has to pick up garbage.

I called the garbage head office and I talked to an operator who listened to my complaint and she said, "Yeah, we've had lots of complaints." Ummm, I have an idea, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Picking up garbage is not a hard job, and there's nothing worse than someone who thinks they deserve to get paid for doing a job that they don't do well. I hear my supervisor say that all the time.

Are they unionized? If not, I say fire the bum and remind him why he should be fortunate to be able to contribute to society at all. The 'manager', or 'head garbage man' implied that it was the wind and, well, they can't control the wind. He makes a good point. No wait, he doesn't. It's not always windy - unless there's a localized wind following around garbage trucks, in which case, they would, in a way, control the wind and he'd be wrong.

I'm not giving up. I'm going to complain until they fire my garbage man. Or I suppose they could just replace my lid. I'm ok with either.

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