Saturday, August 07, 2004

I hate cell phones

I was going to write this right after Wimbledon, but I couldn't find a picture of Sharapova with that friggin' phone. That cell phone incident was disgraceful. You take a major tennis tournament, full of prestige and tradition, and you hold it up to try to call someone on a cell phone? Is there any situation that a cell phone can't ruin??

I hate cell phones. If you ever see me carrying one around for social purposes, I hereby give you permission to smack me. Everyone has one now. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone (or hearing someone) yapping on the phone. My question is this: Why do you need to be chatting with someone while you're at the grocery store? Why do you need to be chatting with someone while you're driving? The driving really pisses me off. Every time I see someone going 80 km/h in the fast lane, or drifting into my lane on the highway, they are invariably talking on a cell phone. Emergency purposes are the only reason I can think of for a cell phone to be in a car.

Are you really that important that you need to be contactable ALL THE TIME?? (The answer is 'no', you self centred pompous ass) Plus, what about being contactable ALL THE TIME is appealing? I know if I'm busy, then I'm busy, and if you want to get in touch with me, you call my house and leave a message. There is no reason I can think of where I would need to be immediately contactable.

Cell phones might just be the rudest invention I can think of. There is nothing more insulting than someone who takes a cell phone call while they're out with you. "I'm sorry, this call is more important than you, so I'm going to ditch you to talk into this little piece of crap." If you're thinking about taking that call, you might just as well hang a sign around your neck that says, "I'm a rude, inconsiderate dip-shit" because answering that call is equivalent to that sign.


Call waiting is another 'convenience' that is horribly abused. I think I hate call waiting as well. Any 'call waiting call' that takes longer than, "I'm on the other line, can I take a message?" is RUDE. End one call before you start another, and if it's not for you, then the person it's for CAN CALL BACK.

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