Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's Coming Right at Me!!!

Look at that bear. Isn't nature beautiful?? It's so beautiful that I'd like to take it home with me and mount it on my wall as a constant reminder of how beautiful nature can be.

Hunters who hunt for fun are pansies. If you're a hunter, then I apologize (not really, you pansy) but shooting a defenseless animal that doesn't even know you're there is just weak. Everyone knows that humans are the dominant species on the planet, the fact that you have a high-powered rifle, and that you drove your 4x4 Explorer to the hunt should tell you that. Why not use your big brain and opposable thumbs for something a little more constructive than shooting animals? You'd better eat every last piece of that bear, and make a coat out of the fur or else I hope the bear gets you. Which leads me to this - if some stupid hunter manages to get himself attacked (or god forbid killed) by a bear, our first reaction is to go find and kill the bear. Why? I say, give that bear a medal. Give the bear a life-long exemption from being hunted. That bear is a hero. If you intrude on an animal's territory, and you manage to get yourself attacked, then you deserve it. You can't fault a bear for being a bear, and your big brain should have told you that there are risks involved in hunting big strong animals. Don't kill the bears for being bears. It's not fair.

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