Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Positive Attitude Will Get You As Far As You Want It To

Image hosted by Ha! Take THAT, spider solitaire! Not so tough now, are you??

Anyways, I'd like to be serious for a minute here. I know, usually this site is all about the funny, but today I'd like to switch it up a bit and share a little story about a little something called perseverance. You see, I was once like you, I'd look at spider solitaire on difficult and I'd say, "It can't be done, it's just impossible." You see, that's where you and I are very different. I don't see barriers, I see challenges, and I don't say, "It can't be done", I say, "I look forward to overcoming this substantial barrier." As a great man once said, "Some people say, 'I'll believe it when I see it', but I say, 'I'll see it when I believe it." Wow, that's powerful stuff. (although, it's easy to be all motivated and positive when you get paid a ton of money to sit in a forest and take pictures of sunsets.) You see, I saw myself defeating Spider Solitaire, I was confident, and I succeeded. Sure, there were days when I considered giving up, there were days when I just didn't feel like playing, but I sat there on my ass for hours and I played anyways looking forward to the thrill and the challenge that the next game would bring. Each game I lost I learned a little bit more, and eventually I focussed all that I'd learned and I accomplished my goal. (pause for applause)

In case you cared, I've developed a little something I call the "SpiderCam" where you can actually see the board through my eyes. Try it here. Anyways, I'm considering a little side project where I do little motivational speeches, so if you're interested, just let me know. Until then, have a beautiful day, because I know I will.

(Note: the italicized words are the buzz words that you're supposed to take away with you and apply to your everyday life - and especially work, as this stuff is gold and will surely get you promotions if you apply it correctly. You can thank me later.)

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