Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pyramid Blogging!!

Well, I was thinking that I wouldn't ever lower myself to propagating a pyramid type blogging thing on this blog. THEN I thought, "My blog kind of sucks anyways, so why not?" So, without further ado, I'll answer Scott's questions.

1) If you could know the time, place and details of your death, but you could not prevent it, would you want to know?

I think the 'correct' answer to that would be, "No, I'd rather live every day as if it were my last day blah, blah, blah..." My answer is "Of course, as otherwise I'd have to live every day thinking I might die tomorrow and I wouldn't know on which day to waste all my money on hookers and blow. PLUS, I'd love to know the exact day, as then if someone asked me to do them a favour I'd say, "Sure, I'll do it next Tuesday, unless of course I die a horrible death in the meantime, but what are the odds of that? (then I'd give them a little wink and they'd be all like, WTF?)"

2) If you could pick any profession and money was never going to be an issue, what would you want to do?

I'd want to play a game of some sort I imagine. Something that's fun and not at all like work, and allows for a lot of time to sit around in a warm climate on my ass doing nothing. Or managing high priced call girls, that'd be cool too.

3) What 5 albums would you bring to a deserted island?

1. Oasis - Be Here Now
2. Howie Day - Australia
3. Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff
4. Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff
5. Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff

I chose Hilary Duff 3 time because she seems to be everywhere these days, and just in case there were some head-hunters or something on this island I'd probably want something to barter with. I picked the same album because if you're ever bargaining for your life with head-hunters, I imagine you don't want them to think you're playing favourites with a rival tribe.

4) What physical attribute would you change about yourself and why?

I'd change the way I look. Do you know how tiring it gets when people constantly approach you and say, "Justin, whatever happened to you and Britney? She's gone so white trash since you two broke-up."

5) If given the choice, would you rather drive to a train station to pick someone up, or would you prefer to give birth to a flaming porcupine in the middle of an igloo during a painful bowel movement?

Ummm, that depends on where the train station is and how appropriate I feel the request to be picked up is. I imagine that I would drive to the train station if the alternative would be that thing you wrote, but it would probably depend on the circumstances and how I felt at the time.

Now, I'll offer to interview the next 3 people who want to interviewed, I suppose.

1. Leave me a comment saying 'interview me', if you'd like to be interviewed.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones above. What you do with those 5 questions is up to you.

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