Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Reality TV

I just had a few comments about the past week in reality tv (and it has nothing to do with Britney and Kevin, because I will never watch that show, ever.)

1. I used to really like the Amazing Race, but there's some question over how legitimate that whole last second airplane boarding was. It's tainted because it made for good tv, and, really, since when was reality tv about 'good tv'??

2. That tall skinny dork on Survivor who gave up his chance to win because the big manly fireman questioned his manhood is an IDIOT. I mean, COME ON! I'd sell any of you out for free t-shirt (like this one), let alone a million dollars!

"I need to go back home and feel comfortable with myself".

Right. It's important to feel comfortable with yourself after you establish yourself as the dumbest contestant on Survivor ever. If you're going to quit, why stand on a buoy for 11 hours and then quit?? Stephanie was equally dumb when she jumped off the pole to get half a pizza. Ever paid a million dollars for a pizza? She has.

Anyways, that's all the reality tv I watch, except for the Apprentice, and I'll predict that Kendra wins, because, well, she's hotter than that other one, and, well, is there really anything more important in business? Honestly, I'm asking, I don't know anything about business.

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