Sunday, June 20, 2004

Poker - evil on so many levels...

While I was losing money playing poker yesterday, it struck me that Kings are better than Queens (not that I saw any of either...goddammit). Why are the men more important than the women? Why do the women have to sit on a level not equal to that of men? How are we permitted to use such sexist playing cards? What kind of message does this send to our children? Won't somebody think of our card playing, gambling children? AND, Kings routinely beat Queens, which promotes violence against women. It's just disgusting.

Having said all that, I have taken it upon myself to develop some gender non-specific playing cards!!

Now the smiley face is the highest (highest face card, of course the ace is still the highest, but it's already gender non-specific so it's ok), followed by the neutral looking face, followed by the frown. See how easy that was?? Now there's nothing wrong with these cards, as we all know that being happy is better than being a sad mopey loser. When the day comes that 3 smiley faces, beats a pair of neutrals, you'll have me to thank. I'm doing the world a service, trust me.

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