Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Severina Vuckovic

Who is Severina Vuckovic you ask? Well, she's apparently a Croatian pop star who made a sex video with some dude.

Why is this worthy of writing about? It's not, it's just the sort of obscure celebrity perversion that might get me some hits. I'm sure there are a lot of smitten Croatian teenage boys who'll be searching the net for this Severina Vuckovic sex video. I just read the article, it says it's only 11 minutes long. Poor Severina, she picked a loser to make a video with! Anyways, I looked for it, but couldn't find it. Most of the sites that reference her have a bunch of english looking letters, but they're arranged in weird ways that don't make any sense to me. Truly bizarre.

Ako želite Severinin video, možete da download sa upotrebom Kazaa, Limewire ili WinMx. Sigurno nećete naći na Internetu.....Kvariti.

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