Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Grocery Store Neuroses.

The next time you're buying groceries, when you're putting yours onto the conveyor belt, don't put the little divider down and see how long it takes the person who already has their groceries on the belt to slap down that little piece of plastic. Put your groceries right up beside theirs, and I'll bet you they'll get nervous and give you a dirty look. God forbid that little piece of plastic isn't there. All hell can break loose and next thing you know, you've paid for someone else's groceries. That's a little known fact about the grocery store, if there is no divider, that's indisputable proof that there's only one person's groceries on the belt, and whoever is in front is paying for it. All the cashier has to say is, "Sorry, no divider, that no-name cat food and Special K are yours. I don't care if you and that guy next to you say it's not."

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