Thursday, November 04, 2004

Benny Hinn is a genius

God brought me to Benny Hinn yesterday morning, and he said some interesting things. First of all, he said that he needs $1.7 million every 5 days just to keep his ministry going "as it is". Of course, Benny takes a lot of that money and buys cars and houses and hookers, but what he's saying is he makes $1.7 million EVERY 5 DAYS!!! That's $340 000 EVERY DAY!! That's over $124 million in a year. What kind of ministry costs that much to operate?? A fucking crooked one, that's what kind.
He had some kooky pastor sidekick too, who suggested that the best amount to donate was $400 "because it's easy to multiply". Ummm, what? I have a number that's easier to multiply, it's $10, or better yet, $1. Or, the easiest number to multiply, ZERO. He also said that he loves to see people "cured" by Benny, and he loves to see the husband's faces when their wives jump out of their wheelchairs because "well, how long has it been since she cooked him a meal? Finally, she's up and about." What's the first thing Joe Redneck American says to his wife after she stands up out of her wheelchair? "My prayers have been answered!!! Make me a sandwich." (They all voted for Bush too...)

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