Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Muse sucks.

Well, I saw Muse live last night, and it was loud. Too loud, like, ridiculous loud. So friggin' loud that my ear is STILL ringing. I should sue them.

The opening act, "Evening" sucked. Here's a question that sums up Evening,

Q - "What's worse than a band with a guy who thinks he can play piano but really can't?"

A - "A band with 2 guys who think they can play piano but really can't".

The second act was by far the best. They didn't say their name, but judging by their shirts they were called "Tech Support". "Tech Support" was by far the most pleasing act of the night. Maybe not the most talented, as they mainly just moved equipment around while other mainstream rock songs played on the speakers, but definitely the most pleasing to the ears. Plus, it could be argued that that's pretty innovative, and some would consider it groundbreaking.

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