Thursday, January 06, 2005

Don't you hate it...

Don't you hate it when you're standing in line at a store and you're invariably stuck behind some fucktard (I've seen that 'word' in 2 different places, so as far as I'm concerned it's a word, and if I were playing Scrabble, I'd use it - "Sure, I can use it in a sentence, 'Only a real fucktard would challenge that word'".) who takes FOREVER to get through? First there's a price check, then there's some discussion over why the price check is 'wrong', then it's fumbling through the wallet looking for a credit card, and then there are airmiles, and then you just want to bang your head into the wall.

Well, today that fucktard was me.

First, there was no barcode on the item, so there needed to be a price check, the price check wasn't answered so they had to do it again, THEN, if you apply for a credit card you get an additional 10% off, so of course I wanted to do that. I had to fill out a form. Then I had to listen to them blabber on about their crappy points program (where if I earn 10 billion points I might be able to get a shitty clock-radio). It took a good 10 minutes. The guy behind me only had one item, he probably wanted to kill me. I don't really care though, I'm sure he was a fucktard.

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