Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Vote for Me is a Vote for Hilarity! Lower Taxes!

Anyways, I don't even know what exactly these awards are, nor do I know their significance. I imagine it'll come down to a popularity contest, and I'm not sure that this site is all that popular.

Having said that, the team who I have chosen (or appointed without their knowledge or agreement) to help me rise to victory (and will receive all of the blame if I lose) consists of -

Campaign Manager - Treehugger

Deputy Director of International and Foreign Relations - Samara


Senior Deputy Director for Russian, Ukraine and Eurasian Affairs - Filmgoerjuan

Treehugger has been reading this for a while now, and I always appreciate his comments (mainly because he thinks I'm funny).
Samara has been a regular for a while now too. Also, they were the only ones who actually responded to the whole campaign manager post (Technically speaking, Samara is the only one who actually meets the campaign manager criteria, but, whatever).
And Filmgoerjuan has been a supporter for a while now too.

So congratulations on this most distinguished of honours, suckers!

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