Wednesday, January 19, 2005

An Immoral Lawyer? Now I've Seen it All.

I think lawyers are pretty slimy on the best of days, but this is too much.

Hi, my name is Aitken Robertson. You might remember me from such cases as "Got off on a technicality after drunkenly hitting some school children" and "that guy was so drunk, it's a good thing the breathalyzer was out of calibration".

AR - "An accused person must be advised as to his rights to counsel without delay upon arrest or detention. Occasionally police do not provide the accused with their full array of rights to a lawyer. Did the police provide you with your full array of rights?"

Client - "Yes, umm, no, wait, I'm not sure, it's a little hazy, I was pretty drunk."

(Sorry that picture's a little blurry, I was driving at the time, and I'd just had 4 beers.)

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