Friday, August 19, 2005

Video Review!!!

Ok, since I’ve been reviewing Jack Van Impe for over a year, I decided that maybe there were other things I could review as well!!

I bring you Shakira’s new video called “La Tortura


00:01 – what’s that??
00:03 – eeeew gross!
00:05 – who the hell is that dude? Where the hell is Shakira?? I've wasted 5 whole seconds of my life here.
00:06-00:16 – this sucks. Get this dude off the screen! Man, it’s not even in English, I’m shutting this..o...f...f....
00:17 – HELLO!
00:18-00:23 – (not paying attention, trying to compose myself)
00:24 – 00:25 – DAMN! This might be the greatest video ever!

01:10 – 02:30 – Yup, this is definitely the greatest video ever.
Oh... my...
02:31 - This review is over. Ummmm, I gotta go, I’ll be back in a couple minutes.

03:47 – Phew, that was alllllright. I’m pretty sleepy now though, I think I'm going to bed. Oh baby.

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