Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Jack has company in the nut-house!!

Well, what's sadder than being Jack Van Impe?? Well, being someone who wishes he were Jack Van Impe!!! Check out this "Load of Crap". I especially find this amusing. Now, if I were Jack, I'd sue this poor bastard's ass!! He's charging $8.00 for a booklet, that, I imagine he wrote after watching Jack's "Animals in Heaven" DVD. Now, maybe I'm a little pro JVI here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this Terry James guy is a HACK!!

People who have lost pets know the heartbreak. I've written a sizable booklet on the subject because my family has lost pets, and many, many have asked me this question: "Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?" I must ask $8, which includes postage, etc.

No, you've written a sizeable booklet on the subject because you BOUGHT JACK'S DVD AND TOOK NOTES!!! I can't imagine that 2 nutcases independently came up with the "Animals in Heaven" idea. Hey Terry, "Thou shalt not steal"...does that ring a bell?? Oh yeah, how about this one, "Thou shalt not covet Jack's kooky rapture ideas".

Man, this is priceless too. There's too much to make fun of here. Regardless, you'll all know when the rapture takes place, because the updates to this site will stop. I can't update when I'm sitting in heaven with all your dead pets.

I'm not even sure if this is 'serious', although there's a lot of information here for it not to be.

Uh oh. They have a message board. I think I might have to join...

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