Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Serenity Now 2

Well, this rant is a day late, but in a span of about 10 minutes yesterday, 3 things really made me shake my head.  The first one was an article in the Toronto Sun about some sick fuck who assaulted, tortured and killed his wife, while their 2 children watched.  The story had to do with nailing various parts of her body to things and then pouring boiling water on her.  My question is this.  WHY IS THAT WORTHY OF PUTTING IN A NEWSPAPER?  Whoever approved that article for publication should be ashamed of themselves. 

If not publishing that is censorship, then some things should be censored. 

Plus, we know there are sick people out there and we know they occasionally kill each other.  It was in South America too, so it's not like it's warning people in the GTA.  Don't publish crap like that.  If anyone can give me a reason that that article should be in the paper, please do.  And don't say, "I like to read about stuff like that".  It's sick, disgusting, and society as a whole would be better off not having to read about crap like that.  Ask yourself this, why didn't they just write, "Man kills wife" and then leave out the details? 

The second thing was something along the lines of this.  Not exactly, because it wasn't a rabbit, it was a fake rock with some stupid writing on it that you're supposed to keep a key in.  My question is this:  Why not just leave the key in the lock?  A funny looking rock with writing on it?  Please, if I'm ever on someone's porch and I see such a rock (or bunny), I'm going back later to open their door, and put a little note somewhere in their house saying, "You deserve to have your stuff stolen, you moron."

And finally, I was buying some gum in a variety store, and while paying, my ticket stub for the Empire State Building tour I went on fell out.  The one dude behind the counter knew what it was, and we talked briefly about the subways in a certain city.  The other dude (about 18 years old) said, "Where is this?" 

Am I wrong in assuming you should know where the Empire State Building is?

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