Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Problems with the Grocery Store

The Dairy Section

The bags of milk are always wet, and they smell like stale milk, and it's gross. Clean the milk bags for Christ's sake!

The Produce Section

The bananas aren't ripe enough. They're so damn green. You have to wait a week and then eat them all in a day or two or they become more liquid than solid and you have to throw them out. Might as well just throw them out when you get them home and save you a week of having green bananas on your counter. Or just not buy them at all, I suppose.

The Deli Section

Does the deli section have any sort of guidelines on what is acceptable in terms of the amount of cold meat they give you? I ask for 100g, and I get 130g. That's plus/minus 30%! When did that become acceptable? Shouldn't this sort of thing be regulated? What's the standard? I, personally, think that 5% is acceptable. I mean, it's not realistic to expect the deli guy to sit there and tear ham up trying to get it exactly 100g...well, if it's shaved it might be...anyways, what was the point again? Oh yeah, I like ham...

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