Friday, April 09, 2004

Stupid People

Sometimes you just want to smack some morons upside the head. The parents of this kid would be 2 such morons. While I agree that the principal should not have washed the kid's hair, the kid shouldn't have had blue hair to begin with.

He's not hurting anyone," Levey Padocs Sr. said. "He's an individual, and that's how he's expressing his individuality."

Right. I don't think so. What individuality? He's 6 years old! It's the parents who are expressing THEIR individuality, and they're using their poor son to do it.

Levey Padocs Jr.'s father said he allowed his son to get the distinctive 'do more than a month ago for behaving better in class.

This is funny because it implies that the kid wasn't behaving well in class before. I think this kid probably has some issues other than blue hair. What constitutes good behaviour in kindergarten? Playing nice with other children, sharing, co-operating, learning to interact with others in a social environment? I wonder how giving the kid a blue mohawk is going to improve any of that...

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