Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Team Canada.....we're screwed.

It's World Championship hockey time again! That means that the NHL players who aren't sulking over a crappy season head out to represent Canada (or wherever they're from) in the World Championships. We don't usually have a great team, basically because the play-offs get in the way, and a lot of our best players can't make it. Anyways, if you look at the standings, Canada is third behind Austria and Switzerland, and has scored fewer goals than both. Yikes. We did manage to beat France this morning, but that's not saying much.

Other Games:

Latvia 3, Khazahkstan 1

Look at the goalie for Khazahkstan! Hey guy, the goalie STOPS the puck. I think they pick the goalie before the game by throwing sticks. Judging by this picture, Latvia didn't have many more than 3 shots on net...

Denmark 4, Japan 3

Defenseman Nobuhiro Sugawara (pictured above being congratulated by team Denmark), accidentally shot the puck straight into the yawning Japanese net after a nice move and centering pass from Bo Nordby Andersen.

"Unfortunately that part of the game could happen to any one of us," said Japan's Chris Bright.

Huh? So you all suck?

That's pretty funny... Anyways, GO CANADA!!!

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