Thursday, April 29, 2004

What would you do for $4.00??

Tonight, while driving home, I noticed that the price of gas had skyrocketed up to 84.5 cents/litre!! Now, I personally don't really care how much gas costs. When I need it, I buy it. Anyways, the next gas station I came across (about 30 seconds down the road) was also 84.5 cents/litre. Now, the NEXT one was only, get this, 73.5 cents/litre!!!! Do you know what that means?? Well, nothing to me, but for a large number of people it meant lining up and crowding into this gas station trying to take advantage of 'cheap' gas. I find this annoying, mainly because, if you think about it, 30 litres of gas, at a saving of 12 cents/litre, is less than $4. Is it really worth lining up for, for sake of argument, 20 minutes, idling in the street to save $4?? I don't think so. I suppose for some it might be, but I can't really imagine someone being so hard up that they 'needed' to save $4 in gas. What happens to them when the average price increases to 84.5 cents/litre? Do they start selling all their worldly possessions in order to fill up their Expedition's gas tank? Those poor, poor people.

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