Saturday, May 29, 2004

Maybe they should just 'Let it Be'...

I always get annoyed when people ask celebrities what they think about current events. Why is Paul McCartney's opinion more important or valid than anyone else's? I don't care what Paul McCartney thinks about anything that doesn't involve the Beatles or the music business.

I noticed that Avril Lavigne was on Much Music and listening to her speak was painful.

"Well, like, you know, I like, think, that, women shouldn't feel, like, pressure, to like, sleep with guys, you know??"

Hmmm, I wonder what her stance on the situation in Iraq is.

Like, I think, you know, that, like, war is bad, like, 'cause when people die, it's like, really bad, you know?"

I don't fault her for being an incoherent teenager because that's what she is but I do think that we should know better than to ask for her opinion on anything that doesn't involve cute guys and how cool shopping is.

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