Monday, May 03, 2004

Most Demanding Sports has put together a list of the most demanding sports. They rate
them in terms of a number of criteria. See the page for a list and their explanations.

What do they say is the most demanding sport?? Boxing. Ice hockey is second, football third, basketball fourth. I don't know about you, but I think this list is messed up. They list baseball/softball in the top ten. I like baseball, but it's not all that demanding. Any sport a big fat guy can excel at, in my opinion isn't all that demanding. I dislike soccer a lot, but I'd still say it's more demanding than baseball, and basketball for that matter. They stacked the basketball score. Stupid Americans, can't admit that a sport they love is wussy. They also rate skateboarding above rowing. I've 'rowed' on a rowing machine before, and it's hard. Skateboarding harder than rowing?? I can't imagine. The 'NERVE' category shouldn't even be a category. Who says that the highdiver has to overcome any fear? Why do we assume that they're afraid? Pretty subjective if you ask me. I personally think hockey is more demanding than boxing, but then again, I've never boxed. I don't have the nerve....

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